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Carter Park Program Inc. is a 501c3 non profit year round teen program in Chelsea created to give access to personal development and fitness training to youth. Carter Park Program Inc. is committed to our mission that through wellness we can build leaders and strengthen our community.


Having recently established Carter Park Programs in July of 2018, we are developing programing that will focus on community engagement, enrichment, and fitness.

Carter Park Program believes that fitness and wellness is a key stepping stone to help teens in
their critical stage of development. Through fitness and wellness, our youth will gain confidence
in their mind, body, and spirit. Many of our teens do not have access to facilities with a
professional personal trainer and youth development all in one.



Our programming consists of an enrichment program that will focus on conflict resolution, peer
leadership, personal development and community engagement. Following the enrichment session, our teen will be mentored by a certified CrossFit Trainer who will work with our teens to create a personal fitness plan utilizing the CrossFit method.

Community engagement

To become active and responsible community members our teen will host events and do volunteer work. Some of the community events will include workout session, nutrition and wellness workshop to community member at the gym or parks.